Why It Pays to Improve Your Posture and How Dry Needling Can Help

Dry needling in Jacksonville, FLMaintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly are some of the things that immediately come to mind when it comes to improving one’s health. However, you should know that your posture can impact your overall well-being as well.

The position you hold your body when standing, sitting, and even lying down can affect your mood and energy levels. It can also influence how freely and easily you can move without straining your muscles. If possible, it’s best to prevent these issues from developing by minding your stance. However, if you do start to run into any issues, know that dry needling can help.

Why It's Worth It to Improve Your Posture

Here are just five of the many compelling reasons why improving your posture is worth it:

1. It Keeps Your Neck and Spine in Good Shape for Life

It pays to remember that how you hold your body becomes a habit. This habit then affects the way your spine grows. For example, spending long hours slouching in a chair can lead to spine conditions that may be hard to reverse.

Fortunately, you can avert such problems by promptly improving your posture—it helps keep your neck and spine in good shape. Ultimately, it ensures that they will grow healthily and stay that way for life.

2. It Puts Less Stress on Your Bones and Joints

Whatever position you are in, your bones and joints are bearing your weight and supporting your whole body. Considering this, a poor posture puts added strain on these parts, contributing to abnormal wear and tear.

Posture mistakes can also compress and irritate nerves in your lower back, causing sciatica. You may seek needle treatment to seek relief from this pain. However, you must address the root of the problem—you must correct your stance as soon as possible.

This might feel uncomfortable at first. However, you must stick to it to reduce the stress on your bones and joints.

3. It Strengthens Your Core

It may not seem like it, but improving and maintaining a proper posture is a great way to activate your core as well.

When you stand or sit tall, the muscles in your back, hips, abdomen, and pelvic floor all work together—and work harder—to support your body.

4. It Lets You Breathe More Easily

Another benefit of standing tall and pulling your shoulders back is that they open up more space in your chest for your lungs.

These spongy organs are made of soft tissues. The more space they have to expand, the more they can allow you to breathe deeply and easily.

5. It Can Boost Your Mood and Make You Feel Good

It may seem unlikely, but your posture does affect your emotions and thoughts.

The seemingly harmless act of slouching or staring down actually makes it easier for you to think negatively. On the contrary, standing or sitting tall can boost your confidence. Such a stance triggers empowering thoughts and even allows you to radiate more energy to others.

Seek the Help of a Specialist

Poor posture can give rise to bodily pains and aches. On top of that, it may lead to long-term problems in your spine and joints. It is for this reason that you must improve your stance no matter how hard it can be at first. Furthermore, you should seek the help of a specialist as soon as possible. Your prompt action can greatly impact your health and overall quality of life.

Improve Your Posture with Dry Needling

Poor posture and back pain can be a vicious cycle. A few days of poor posture can cause aches and pains that cause you to hold yourself differently. This, in turn, worsens your posture, causing further aches and pains. If you have been experiencing pain and discomfort in different areas of the body due to poor posture, know that dry needle treatments can help you break the cycle. Dr. Chanatry's dry needling services in Jacksonville, FL, relieve tension, relax muscles, and help restore your range of motion. By alleviating the pain that's preventing you from standing up straight, you'll feel like you're free to do so again. Get the relief you need by contacting us to book your appointment today.

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